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Wedding and Portrait Photography

I have been making photographs since I was 13.

Actually, let me pause for a moment. For those of who notice this sort of thing... Try as I might, I am not able to write about myself in the third person. Sorry. It's a bit creepy to me. I mean, Lorne thinks it's a bit creepy.

anyway... I was a member of the Darkroom club in school, which at the time, was actually geekier than the A/V and Library clubs. Darkroom guys smelled like vinegar all the time. Stop bath, not fish & chips. On my walk to school I would pass a wedding photography studio. I always stopped and looked at the giant wall prints that were the big thing at the time. I wanted to be a wedding photographer from that point. It looked like fun and rewarding work. For the record, it is. Along the way I have worked in restaurant management, photography retail, photography studios, project management, computer technician, software retail and airport limo driver. In hindsight, each was a step I needed to take in preparation for being a wedding and portrait photographer.

There are no hard and fast rules on how we go about making images together, but roughly this is how Monique and I approach the wedding day itself.

I make most of the formal portraits, individual and grouped. This typically happens in two or three sessions. During the bride's preparations, after the church and at the reception. During the ceremony, I use my experience and unique perspective to capture the events as they unfold, as I am not able to direct events at this point. At the reception, I look for those small details that make your wedding yours and watch for the couple interacting with their guests. As the speeches are made, I focus on the couple and their parents and guests, watching for their reactions to the toasts and best wishes they are listening to. Then it's on to dancing and I watch for the skilled and unskilled out on the floor.

Monique started early in photography as well. She was a member of her high school yearbook and primarily a writer early on. She pursued photography after noticing it appealed to her much more than the written word. Monique's journey to passionate | about | pictures included time making images for the Moose Jaw Times-Herald, Sudbury Star and the Inco mining company.Like me, she has paid her dues in retail and other odd jobs along the way.

Monique is the quieter half of the company. Once you meet with us, you'll see what I mean. I'm afraid I like to tell stories and poor Monique often has trouble getting a word in. But I digress.

Photography wise, Monique is again, the opposite to me. She is uber-stealthy. Often you'll never know she's there. There will be images where you will be amazed. You'll suggest I put a bell on her. I leave Monique to her own most of the day, but during the family sessions, she becomes my people wrangler and handler. Working from lists you provide, she makes sure the session is as efficient and fun/painless as she can. During the reception she once again disappears and comes back with dozens of great images showing your friends and family having a blast at your wedding. As I watch and photograph the couple during speeches, Monique photographs the person giving the speech, making fabulous images showing the emotions they display as they wish you the best.

I am serious on the stealth thing. She makes images that our clients shake their head at during the album review.

That's her with Jag. Jag is a Devon Rex. Jag is an odd little cat. 'nuff said.